cryopublic beta

Screenshot showing the cryo visual node graph

cryo is a visual file manager

Navigate nested folder structures in a blink of an eye.

Dual-pane mode with tabs and commander style keyboard shortcuts.

Privately transfer files — peer to peer, end to end encrypted, no sign-up, no registration, no cloud.

DownloadPublic Beta

Windows | macOS | Linux

Visual bookmarks

Comparison of Windows Explorer and cryo.

Screenshot showing Windows Explorer pinned foldersScreenshot showing cryo visual node based bookmarks

Arrange bookmarked folders in a meaningful way with structure, color and icons.

Cloud free file transfers

  • End to end encrypted
  • Transfer files and folders
  • With read only or write access
  • No limits on file size
  • Fast direct file transfers

Purely decentralized solution.
No cloud, no sign-up or registration.

Infographic of the cryo peer to peer network
Screenshot of cryo shared folders view

What can I do with it?

Dual-pane mode

The most efficient way to copy and move files.

Screenshot of a peer to peer large file transfer

Peer to peer transfer large files between computers.

Read more about it under Dual-pane mode →



Suited for personal use.

  • File sharing
  • No file size limit
  • Full transfer speed in local network
  • Full Internet transfer speed for
    1 GB /day, afterwards 250 KB/s*
DownloadPublic Beta

Windows | macOS | Linux

* The Public Beta doesn't have transfer speed limits.

Pro$20lifetime license

For professionals, artists and creators.

  • All features of the free version
  • Includes all upcoming updates
  • Can be installed on 5 computers
  • Unlimited transfer speed
  • Unlimited SMB and SFTP connections
  • Deeper integration for image formats like Photoshop PSD, Sketch, Blender, Maya and similar software packages.

Available in end of 2020.



Note: On the first start likely a Windows Defender warning will be shown. Select More info > Run anyway.


Ubuntu derivates

Installation:sudo dpkg -i cryo_0.5.18_amd64.deb

Arch Linux

Use your favourite AUR package manager like yay or yaourt to install cryo:

yay -Sy cryo

For peer to peer file transfers Tor needs to be installed (optional):

sudo pacman -Sy tor


Homebrew:brew cask install cryo

Note: cryo isn't notarized yet for macOS. When opening cryo for the first time, open it via the right click context menu in Finder and select open.

(On a Touchpad you can open the context menu by holding the control key and single tab on


Version 0.5.18 / 2020-08-03

Version 0.5.16 / 2020-07-25

Version 0.5.14 / 2020-07-18

Version 0.5.11 / 2020-07-12

Version 0.5.10 / 2020-07-08

Work in progress

Many features are still missing. And there are a lot UX issues to be fixed during the next months.